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Maxus 24

Just like the Maxus 21, the Maxus 24 is a perfect sailor! Spacious and luxurious, a separate toilet, standard full galley with cooling and a complete inventory. A great holiday on the water guaranteed! The modern hull design with a wide stern ensures excellent sailing characteristics. A spacious cockpit where you can sit comfortably, and a modern deck line make this ship unique. The inside height is maximum 190 cm. The wide double beds in the forepeak and stern give 4 fixed berths. Optionally you can place a shelf with pillow between the middle sofas and the table to create a bed. This means that there is a maximum of 6 berths on board. The Maxus 24 is 3 feet larger than the Maxus 21, this is mainly reflected in the cockpit inside and outside. Where the benches in the middle of the Maxus 21 continue in the bed in the point is here with the Maxus 24 a bulkhead in between. Outside, the shell of the Maxus 24 is a bit more spacious and you have a hard back, which is the case with the Maxus 21 suspension straps.

This boat is suitable for up to six people, looking for a smaller sailing yacht? Then take a look at the Maxus 21.

  • Suitable for up to 6 people
  • Rolfok
  • 8 HP environmentally friendly outboard motor
  • Closed toilet

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