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Watersportbedrijf ANJA is located in the middle of Friesland directly on the Pikmeer. You can go in all directions from the rental location. Do you opt for the beautiful nature in the Alde Feanen National Park? Or are you sailing to the pleasant cities such as Leeuwarden or Sneek?

National Park De Alde Feanen

From Grou you sail onto the Pikmeer, which is the gateway to the De Alde Feanen National Park, which is located in the heart of Friesland. De Alde Feanen National Park is a unique area with a rich natural and cultural history, which originated from peat excavations. The area is over 4,000 hectares. More than 450 types of plates occur in the low peat bog. More than a hundred species of birds breed here, including the white-tailed eagle. The landscape of De Alde Feanen is characterized by its variety. You will find peat holes, brushwood, thickets, swamp forests and reed beds. Thousands of migratory birds return here every year to spend the winter.
The village of Earnewâld is located in the middle of De Alde Feanen. Places of interest are the old churches, but also the statues of the eel fisherman, the skaters and the otter. The statue of the skaters, in honor of the three winners of the natural ice classic of the “100 van Earnewâld” can only be reached by water. At Earnewâld you can also find the Visitor Center National Park De Alde Feanen. Here volunteers from It Fryske Gea can tell you all about the area and the recreational opportunities in the region.

Monument de Zwaluwhaven

In De Alde Feanen you will also find a special monument in memory of the crew of the Lancaster R5682 that crashed in the area on the night of 4 to 5 September 1942. Five of the seven crew members managed to escape with a parachute jump. One did not survive, the other four men were taken prisoner. One body of the occupants was later found. The last person, tail gunner Francis Cooper, was never found.

75 years after the crash, remains of the Lancaster have been brought to the surface. A permanent memorial site was subsequently created on that spot: the Zwaluwhaven. Landscape architect Nynke Rixt Jukema designed a 32 meter long wall (equal to the length of the Lancaster) with 251 holes for sand martins. 251 holes were chosen because that number corresponds to the number of fighter planes that took off on that night in 1942. Twelve of the 251 holes have been closed; these closed holes symbolize the number of planes that never returned.
The Zwaluwhaven can only be reached by boat. It is not possible to get out on site.

Leeuwarden, Drachten en Sneek

National Park De Alde Feanen is located between the cities of Leeuwarden, Sneek and the village of Drachten. These places are easy to reach by water. To Leeuwarden you go if you want to visit the Fries Museum or just want to eat an ice cream on a terrace, to Drachten you go shopping in the famous chains in the village centre and to Sneek you go for the special boutiques, the Scheepvaartmuseum and distillery Widow Joustra.

The Frisian lakes

When talking about the Frisian lakes, one generally refers to the lakes in the region Zuidwesthoek. There are 24 lakes, including the Sneekermeer and the Tjeukemeer. In this region it is very well possible to sail; it seems as if it always blows a little harder here than elsewhere. In the region are many authentic villages such as Terherne and Langweer that are well worth a village walk.

Sailing in Friesland

Whichever way you go, in Friesland you can always be sure that you are going to make nice memories for later. Visiting villages, towns, or just looking for special birds in the middle of nature will make your boat trip in Friesland a true experience. The company doesn't matter; everyone can enjoy a day on the water.

In Friesland, the weather conditions are generally favourable. Sunny days alternate with slightly less sunny days, there is sometimes a shower but the chance that it stays dry is greater.

In Friesland it is cozy on the water. On sunny days it can be busy, but overcrowded waterways as you sometimes see in places like Giethoorn you will not easily find in Friesland. The atmosphere on the water is friendly, there are friendly greetings to each other and people give each other space on the water. From the water you get acquainted with Friesland and the Frisian landscape in a unique way. From the water you can see animals that you don't easily encounter on land, such as deer and foxes.

On the Frisian waters you can also fish well. An estimated 100,000 people come to Friesland every year to cast a rod here. Carps, roaches, bream and other fish swim here in and around the lakes. There are many fishing jetties, but you can also watch your float from your boat.

Advice on sailing area Friesland

At Watersportbedrijf Anja we know the sailing area around Grou like the back of our hand. Do you need tips for a nice route or are you looking for a specific place to culture shopping or shopping? We are happy to give you advice on the most beautiful routes, nicest places and what you can come across along the way.