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Nice weather guarantee from Boat Rental ANJA

We always do our utmost to ensure that the weather is nice during your cruise. Unfortunately, the weather gods do not always cooperate, which is why we have a unique good-weather guarantee. With this guarantee you can shift the sailing day when the weather is bad. Do you want to enjoy a sunny day? Then we advise you to book as soon as you are sure that the weather is good enough!


Whether the good weather guarantee can be used is determined by the landlord.
The lessor determines the day before or on the day of departure whether the guarantee can be used.
When the guarantee is used, the rental amount is converted into a credit that can be used for a maximum of one year after the original sailing day.
After departure, the fair weather guarantee can no longer be claimed.
The booking must be paid in full.

What weather conditions

Day rental:

  • From wind force 5
  • Below 10 degrees
  • Lots and continuous rain

Multi-day rental:

  • From wind force 6 predicted for more than 50% of the rented period.
  • Below 10 degrees


We look at the following websites to estimate what the weather will be like: