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Along the Princess Margriet Canal, in the port of Grou, you'll find our gas station on the water. At this filling station you can fill up with gasoline and diesel and for various mixing lubrications. Our petrol station is recognizable by the orange flags hanging there. Due to frequent fuel deliveries, we can always guarantee fresh fuel.

HVO7 Diesel

HVO7 Diesel is a sustainable diesel fuel without bio component addition and a CO2 reduction of approximately 6%. Due to the absence of the FAME component, the chance of a possible filter blockage is reduced to a minimum. Filter clogging is a common problem in water sports. This is mainly caused by bacterial growth in the diesel tank. In regular diesel (B7) 7% biodiesel (FAME) is used, the FAME component attracts water, which promotes bacterial growth. In HVO7, instead of biodiesel (FAME), 7% HVO is used. HVO is a pure hydrocarbon diesel with a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel, unlike other biofuels. HVO does not contain the most harmful components of fossil diesel (such as aromatics) and is made from renewable raw materials instead of crude oil. HVO7 meets the EN590 specifications and can therefore be used in existing diesel engines without modifications.

Super 98 (E5)

Super 98(E5) is an unleaded petrol containing a maximum of 5% ethanol. Most petrol (E10) nowadays contains a maximum of 10% ethanol. Ethanol has a number of negative side effects such as aging the gasoline, fouling the fuel system, making the fuel hose porous and attracting water. Because of these negative side effects, we currently only sell Super 98 (E5) petrol.

Opening hours

1 April to 1 November
Daily 9:30 – 17:30

Do you want to refuel outside opening hours? Please contact us for the possibilities.