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About us

At Watersportbedrijf ANJA everything revolves around personal contact. Of course you also want to know who you are doing business with. Who is behind Watersportbedrijf Anja? Read more about owner Robin, and read the stories of employees Allard and Jesse.

He grew up in the water sports village of Grou. No wonder, then, that he loved the water at a young age. Robin Dorenbosch started working for Watersportbedrijf ANJA at the age of fifteen, then as a holiday worker, for refueling and cleaning the boats. Even during his holiday work he dreamed of one day being able to take over the business, because of his passion for water sports and the fact that he always had to deal with cheerful people. “Not much later, the then owners decided to stop. My chance to take over the company therefore seemed lost, something that really disappointed me. However, the one who took over stopped after about seven years. Then I did get the chance to take over the company, an opportunity that I grabbed with both hands in 2017!”

The company has a long history. “We have a company where mainly men work. Our female name therefore comes from the past. When Annie and Jack Tempel started renting open sailing boats in the center of Grou in 1948, they decided to use the first two letters of their name as the name for their business. That is how the name ANJA came about.”

Over the years, the company has grown into a young and energetic company with a large modern fleet of sailing boats and sloops. Activities are also organized such as GPS sloop trips and sailing competitions.

“Water sports company ANJA is my absolute passion. On the water you experience a sense of freedom and tranquility, and that is what our customers take back to shore. Working in water sports is great. People are always in a good mood and friendly when they go out on the water. I always enjoy going to work!”

Robin doesn't just work in the company. Together with Allard Dijkema, trainees and a large team of holiday workers, he works day in, day out to offer guests a pleasant sailing experience.

Allard Dijkema is a rental employee and responsible for the technology.

“I started at Watersportbedrijf Anja as a holiday worker in addition to my CIOS Watersport training. I have been employed on a permanent basis since 2016. No day is the same, there is always something to experience. After work I love to go sailing myself with a sloop or a falcon.”

Jesse Postma is an intern and holiday worker.

,,In the spring of 2018 I started as an intern for two days a week. I liked this so much that I went to work during the summer that followed and now combine internship and work. I really enjoy the work and it is varied.”

Holiday forces

Every year we have a changing group of summer helpers. Would you like to work in our young, enthusiastic team? Every year we put a vacancy online at the beginning of the season for you to respond to. Would you like to work in water sports? Then keep an eye on our Facebook page!